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Juliette Binoche is a French Journalist in 'Between Two Worlds' Trailer

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While Binoche seems to have no trouble landing roles around the world, in recent films as markedly different as , , Words and Pictures and A Thousand Times Goodnight show, she initiated Clouds of Sils Maria herself.

  • Ready for action: The star looked low key in a baseball cap and all-black ensemble 'Juliette is just really authentic and walks to the beat of her own drum - something Kristen always strives to do,' a friend of the Twilight star told Hollywood Life.

  • She and Stewart had a very different approach to acting in their many scenes together.

Juliette Binoche married Patrick Muldoon.

  • What is the height of Juliette Binoche? While her striking looks and warm charm appeal, she has a mercurial, instinctive quality as an actress that goes to being an artist rather than a traditional star, prepared to move into dance with choreographer Akram Khan and make bold creative choices with films.

  • And Kristen Stewart has just embarked on another risqué lake shoot - but this time with a woman.

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